Connection between electricity grids in Brennero/Brenner

1st June

The three Euregio presidents Platter, Kompatscher and Fugatti realised the symbolic, cross-border connection of the electricity grids in Brennero/Brenner.

Presentation Euregio Year of Museums 2021

29th May

Kickoff for the Euregio Museum Year 2021: "Museum moves" with participation of museums from the entire Euregio.

Euregio Students Ticket

1st October

Introduction of the Euregio Students Ticket for students of Euregio universities, universities of applied sciences and academies up to 27 years of age for 430 € per year.


Andreas Hofer Memorial Mantua

20th February

The Andreas Hofer memorial opens in Mantua.

New Euregio headquarters in Waaghaus Bozen/Bolzano 

1st July

The Euregio moves into its new headquarters right in the heart of Bozen/Bolzano: the Waaghaus in Kornplatz. 


1st August

Introduction of the Euregio2Plus ticket for families, usable on all local transport services in Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino.


 “Südtirol Heute” is transmitted in Trentino too

2nd  October

The ORF Südtirol Heute programme is now broadcast in Trentino as well as Tyrol and South Tyrol.

Euregio Welcome signs 

15th October

The first of a total of 67 Euregio welcome street signs on the outer borders of the Euregio is unveiled in Taufers/ Tubre im Münstertal/Val Monastero.

Ceremony 50 years of South Tyrol Autonomy Package

23th November

Presidents Sergio Mattarella and Alexander Van der Bellen commemorate "50 Years of the South Tyrol Autonomy Package and 100 Years of the St. Germain Peace Treaty" at Tyrol Castle. 



26th June

The joint history project Historegio is launched - it is all about historical research in the Euregio.


3rd December

Kick-off for the joint, cross-border and multi-lingual avalanche.report for the Euregio regions.

First direct train Trento-Bozen/Bolzano-Innsbruck

9th December

First direct train connection between Innsbruck, Bolzano/Bozen and Trento.


Ceremony 25 years of South Tyrolean dispute resolution agreement

11th June 

Ceremony 25 years of South Tyrolean dispute resolution agreement with Italian Head of State Sergio Mattarella and Austrian Head of State Alexander van der Bellen in the Kurhaus of Meran/o.

First edition of the Tour of the Alps .TotA

17th - 21st April

The first edition of the Euregio Tour of the Alps (TotA) leads the athletes of the cycling event across the Euregio.

Euregio Mobility Day

2st December

First Euregio Mobility Day: citizens can explore the Euregio for free using public transport. 


EGTC prize in Brussels

25th May

With the project EuregioScienceFund, the EGTC is awarded the second prize in the EGTC contest “Building Europe across Borders”.

BBT Infopoint

12th July

The Brenner Base Tunnel infopoint opens in Franzensfeste/Fortezza. 

Ceremony: 70 years of Paris Agreement

5th September

Conference “70 years of Paris Agreement" at Sigmundskron Castle with former heads of state Giorgio Napolitano and Heinz Fischer.


EXPO Milan

9th-16th July 

The Euregio participates in the EXPO, the World exposition hosted in Milan.

Tyrol Days at European Forum Alpbach

21st-23rd August

The Tyrol Day of the European Forum Alpbach focuses on the topic  "The European Region as a new Homeland - Integration not Exclusion". .

First Euregio Festival

19th September

First Euregio Festival in Hall in Tyrol marking the end of Tyrol’s EGTC presidency.


Meeting of the prime ministers of Austria and Italy

5th July

Conference on Europe at Prösels Castle (Völs am Schlern/ Fiè allo Sciliar) with Austrian prime minister Werner Feymann and Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi

Train to Galicia

18th October

Commemorative Act in Krakow with 500 participants and in the presence of the three Euregio-governors for the project “100 years WWI - train to Galicia”.


29th December

1st call for the EuregioScienceFund to promote science and research in the European region, endowed with 1.6 million euros.


First Euregio map

8th February

The first common map of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino is published.

Website launch

15th March

The Euregio-website www.europaregion.info is online!

Handover of presidency

10th October

The presidency passes from South Tyrol (Luis Durnwalder) to Tyrol (Günther Platter).


Start working programme

1 January

The EGTC “European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” embarks in its first year with a total of 19 projects.

First Euregio Youth Festival

3rd - 6th May

First edition of the Euregio Youth Festival under the motto “Borders that unite”.

First common history book

20th November

First edition of the common history book “Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino. Ein historischer Überblick / Tirolo Alto Adige Trentino. Uno sguardo storico”.


Founding Statute of the EGTC

14th June

In Castel Thun (Trentino) the Convention and Statute (“founding treaties”) of the EGTC are signed.

Registration of the EGTC

13th September

Registration of the EGTC “European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” as 21st in the EGTC-Register.

Board meeting - South Tyrolean Chairmanship

13th October

The first Board meeting of the EGTC “European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” takes places in Castel Tyrol under the chairmanship of governor Luis Durnwalder (South Tyrol).