The first call for the Euregio Fund for Scientific Research was published on Monday, December 29, 2014, on the homepage of the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino, which, with an amount of one million euro, aims to primarily support multi-year joint projects involving all three Euregional territories, regardless of their specific matter.

  • EU-Video contest "border issues, border solutions" until 15 july!

    This year, The European Cooperation Day includes an EU-wide video competition under the motto ‘border issues, border solutions’. This contest will be coordinated by the INTERACT programme with the support of the European Commission, DG Regio. To participate upload your video on Vimeo or Youtube and then register it on this page until the end of 15 July 2014.

  • Transport-week 2014 - Finding common together

    The initiative launched by Tyrol to bring all the platforms dealing with traffic strategies for road and rail in the Alps, together in a Transport-week to pool not only forces but know-how, is unique. The Transport-week 2014, to be held in Innsbruck from 23 to 27 june, provides the stage for a broad exchange of views between experts. However, the Transport-week is also an opportunity to discuss the concerns of the Alpine regions and to find strategic solutions.

  • AEBR Cross Border Award 2014 "Sail of Papenburg"

    The AEBR Award "Sail of Papenburg", endowed by the Ems Dollart Region in 2002, will be bestowed also in 2014.

  • EGTC “European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” awarded with EGTC Prize

    Prestigious award for the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino: Yesterday (18.02.) the EGTC was recognized with a honorary mention by the jury of the EGTC Award ‘Building Europe across borders’. In presence of Mr. Herwig Van Staa, President of the Parliament of Tyrol and Coordinator of the EGTC Platform, the EGTC was awarded for its project “Euregio Youth Festival”. ”The Euregio Youth Festival has reached a wide media coverage and has had a strong integrative effect with a very reasonable budget”, the jury said stating the reasons for its choice and added: “The project is a consistent and effective implementation in the important field of territorial education and very suitable for broad replication and up scaling”. “The award illustrates that the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino has been able to turn its vast potential into reality”, stated Mr. Herwig Van Staa.

  • Multi-level Governance: Democracy at a turning point

    Declining voter participation in regional, national and European elections is food for thought – Have citizens veered away from politics? There are still contrary tendencies to today’s disenchantment with politics in general. These contrary tendencies were spotlighted at the convention “Multi-level governance and citizen participation”, which took place on January 17th, 2014 at the EURAC in Bolzano-Bozen: Municipalities which involve their citizens in decision making processes in domains like building development or budgeting have experienced high involvement levels, according to attending experts. The convention was hosted by the EGTC “Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” together with EURAC’s Institute on Federalism and Regionalism.

  • The CoR and the AEBR call for more participation of border regions and EGTCs in the Operational Programmes

    On 19 November 2013, the EGTC "European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino" participated in a seminar on the issue of the participation of citizens of the border regions in Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes, jointly organized by the Committee of the Regions and the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).

  • Multi-level governance in practice: CoR fosters sharing of experiences in territorial cooperation across borders

    (VIDEO) At the invitation of the European region of Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino, the CIVEX commission met in Bolzano on 8-9 July to exchange experiences and compare existing forms of cross-border cooperation between cities and regions (e.g. macroregions, European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation). The event highlighted the crucial role of multilevel governance and citizen participation in territorial cooperation across borders.

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