Tour of the Alps in exposition at Brenner’s Plessi Museum

The most beautiful photos of the 2019 Tour of the Alps will be on the show at the Brenner’s Museum in 2019 June and July. Instituted the “Euregio Cycling Award”, also open to non professionals

The most beautiful photos of the 2019 Tour of the Alps will be on the show at the Brenner’s Museum (Credits: Pentaphoto)
Zoomansicht The most beautiful photos of the 2019 Tour of the Alps will be on the show at the Brenner’s Museum (Credits: Pentaphoto)

The charm of the Tour of the Alps is made by several things: the feats of its champions, the beauty of the routes, the warmth of the fans and, of course, the beauty of the three lands collaborating in the Euregio Tyrol-Südtirol-Trentino.

The match of all these ingredients makes sure that every year, the Tour of the Alps provides some of the most thrilling shots of the whole cycling season, perfect showcase for the three lands all over the World.

This year, thanks to the collaboration with A22 Brenner Highway, the beauty of the Tour of the Alps will keep showing far beyond the finish in Bolzano/Bozen, catching the eye of thousands of travelers on the most important highway through the lands of Euregio.

In June and July, at the Brenner’s Plessi Museum, the “Tour of the Alps: Euregio seen from a bike” photo exhibition will be held: eight big-size panels dedicated to 2019 Tour of the Alps, featuring the best shots of the Internazional photographers who came from everywhere in the World to capture sights of Tyrol, Südtirol and Trentino in the unique context of the Euro-Regional stage race.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the “Euregio Cycling Award” photo competition will be initiated, rewarding each year’s most beautiful shot of the Tour of the Alps. But the race also wants to reward the passion of non-professional photographers: one of the eight panels will be dedicated to the best shot of a non-accredited photographer, among those posted on Instagram with the #EuregioCyclingAward hashtag. The author of such photo will be attributed the Euregio Cycling Award for the non-professionals category.

Thanks to A22 Brenner Highway, we have the incredible opportunity of presenting the beauty of our race to thousands of people in transit, and do it in a beautiful and prestigious setting like the Plessi Museum,” commented GS Alto Garda President Giacomo Santini. “We are also looking forward to see the exciting shots that once again will tell the beauty of our race and of the Euregio lands all over the World.”


2019 Tour of the Alps' stages

Monday April 22nd, 2019
Stage 1: Kufstein - Kufstein 144,0 km, 2.100 mt elevation gain
Difficulty: **

Tuesday April 23rd, 2019
Stage 2: Reith im Alpbachtal - Scena/Schenna 178,7 km, 3.050 mt elevation gain
Difficulty: *****

Wednesday April 24th, 2019
Stage 3: Salorno/Salurn - Baselga di Pinè 106,3 km, 2.650 mt elevation gain
Difficulty: ***

Thursday April 25th, 2019
Stage 4: Baselga di Pinè - Cles 134,0 km, 2.730 mt elevation gain
Difficulty: ***

Friday April 26th, 2019
Stage 5: Caldaro/Kaltern - Bolzano/Bozen 147,8 km, 3.100 mt elevation gain
Difficulty: ***

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